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Ozark Mountain Concepts Powder Coating Sandblasting

First and foremost OMC is a powder coating facility "We apply thermo set polymers to metal substrates" or Powder paint baked in an oven. We have been doing this for 15 years at our Rogersville facility. Also for 6 years prior to this in Ozark Mo. I have personally been applying coating here in the area for 21 years. We added sandblasting some 10 years ago to give full control and improved service to all customers. We did try using other sandblast companies but found they just do not understand what it takes to get a part ready for powder coat, Very frustrating. We added CNC high definition plasma cutting 8 years ago to meet customers’ needs and allow us to keep maintenance and future proto type parts in house. OMC is able to create cad drawings of all sorts for metal part shapes to be cut out. These metal parts are either bent and formed in our facility or just cleaned and ready to apply coatings. Omc added the necessary equipment for bending and forming as needed. If we cannot handle it in house then we would recommend you to another supplier that can handle your job. Omc added punch press operations 5 years ago and can stamp metal parts at a cost highly competitive with china import and providing the assurance of a US based friendly service. From raw materials to powder coated parts we will do our best to help you out. If we can’t we will not just say, ah no can help you. We will help you to connect with some one that can, like a good neighbor. We have a unique approach to what we do that sets us apart from other powder coat shops that just spray powder and maybe sandblast also. We restore things to a like new or better state by rebuilding making new parts to replace old ones installing new hardware or whatever is needed to meet and exceed original designs.

OMC has the capability to feed punch press from coil and punch thousands of parts in one day. Access to very reasonable die building services, to meet your part stamping needs. Highly competitive metal costs that normally just can’t be found locally for large volume work. Pick up and delivery are a standard practice for small projects or large. A standard cargo van up to a 35 foot tandem dually goose neck trailer. Welding is another in house service we offer mainly to serve the needs of our customer base. OMC does not attempt to compete with other welding shops, fabricators or custom coaters. We simply offer a service at very attractive costing and love what we do. If we can help you even without obtaining some of your business it will still be a blessing. If you need proto type service please check us out, we may save you hundreds of dollars. OMC does also offer laser engraving on non metal flat surfaces . We also apply liquid baking enamels. Liquid stripping of finishes on sensitive parts. If you are not sure if we may be able to help you just call and lets find out.